Mathias Coppens must have a head for heights to overcome

05e9e9188743dc491cde59f71e7a28a1 - Mathias Coppens must have a head for heights to overcome

“We have a fear of heights to convert in hoogtevreugde.” That is a heavy task is in Front Av, on Monday, February 17th, to be seen to BEAT on the VTM. He is being challenged by ryan (29), from the Hague, who has been fascinated by the count, and grijpmachines as well as tower cranes. Geert challenges in Front of to be one of the largest tower cranes in Belgium, up to 120 feet high, to drive it like a real professional. For the Front at the same time, his greatest dream and his worst nightmare.

“This is a challenge, it is my biggest dream, after Mathias’, which is basically a fear of heights, the kick-off to delivery of the BEAT, and the VTM. “I’m addicted to the excavators on hire and canal digging in my garden. I’m going to be there, really anything is possible to do so in order to do so, and to win it. But I’m worried now that I know that a tower crane is constantly rocking due to the wind. Even the smallest sloop, I am sick. I’ll have my plastic bag on the way up at any time.

In front, and Geert are happy to not only be able to in addition to with the help of their coach and also have to rely on as a “wingman” or a “rigger,” the hijsbegeleider them to follow on the ground. A person who is in the kraanbestuurder up to 100%, it must be able to trust. Front charge for that, just like Geert, his older brother, Martin Av. Their first vertrouwensproef is however not the way it should be. “If we are to be just as good to do it with a crane, the injuries…”