Jeroen Meus, about, brother, ” He is incurably ill

Jeroen Meus, about, brother, " He is incurably ill

Last spring, it was Jeroen Meus is a guest in The atlantic and Wim Lybaert. During the trip, Wim Lybaert, said Jeroen Meus, that his brother Wim had cancer. That poignant moment will be a lot of people will no doubt remember for the rest of it. Jeroen Meus was during a conversation with Wim Lybaert with the fact that his brother Wim had cancer. Well, here we are, over a year after the recording of the program. On the occasion of the launch of the second season, Jeroen Meus, “Two To The Sixth Power”, presents, The Latest News, and an interview with Jeroen Meus.

During the filming of the first season, it had to Jeroen Meus cope with the grief of his family, to process could. His brother Wim had colon cancer, that it was hard to make. “At the moment, that is something to be heard, the swell of pity. With him, to be with my family, with my parents, and myself. And you think that you are on your own. I just couldn’t place it. In the meantime, we’ll have a little more time. I have had a lot of people who are anything at all like it did. Gradually, you will learn that a place has to give. I now have to talk about it without it to fill it up. That is quite recents”, explains Jeroen Meus, in the weekendkrant to.