Wigan will be ‘small Club fans’ to identify and punish the

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Wigan will be ‘small Club fans’ to identify and punish the

February 14, 2020 at 18:27
14-02-20 18:27
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Sc Heerenveen on Friday launched an investigation into the Club-the supporters, who have to perform at the Abe Lenstra Stadium. Because of the different Rotterdam-based fans of the thuisvakken were seated, it was at the kwartfinaleduel in the tournament in order to TOTE THE Cup (0-1) to the riots.

“The large-scale presence of the (small) Club-the supporters-in the thuisvakken and stadionruimten Thursday night was unwelcome and in the future, it is unacceptable,” he writes Heerenveen, the netherlands, in a statement on its website.

“Sc Heerenveen, the netherlands to understand the angry reactions of his own supporters on this matter. The club regrets the fact that some of our supporters are, therefore, not be at home, are felt in the Abe Lenstra Stadium.”