Ultratop 50 Flanders-Week 7

8ed48b3803e51a278d882767104299fc - Ultratop 50 Flanders-Week 7

Forced to take this past week we said goodbye Samson and Marie, with their eponymous debut single, “Aimless soul,” van Slongs, Spreej, with “Lostboydemigod” “and “” is Always I, I love you” by Kelsey Adams).

Kim has actually just celebrated its comeback with ‘living without you’, and comes in at 48. “Love you,” was Jo’s Valley, and he was allowed to start at 44. John Destadsbader comes up with a “Like” back to the 35. Trio of Lindsay, Lisa, Del, Bo & Sasha, is the highest new entry of the week at 34, with “Jolene”.