Kurt, He is back on Dutch tv

9f474b733385356aa5d5e7fd109e61a8 - Kurt, He is back on Dutch tv

In the course of this spring can get you on tv to watch ‘the LEGO master’s. Is that the new program is a co-production with a Dutch station will also be presented for the Kürt Rogiers. The actor and presenter, as it was many years ago very popular with our northern neighbours, but it has now been around for over 10 years and he is still on the screen, and came up with some new material.

Together with Ruben Nicolai, will Kürt Rogiers in the new program, “LEGO Masters” awards. In the Netherlands BuzzE says Kürt Rogiers, that’s it for the neighbors as possible to get used to. I’m wondering if the Dutch people I still see. I finally have a bit of a change”, he laughs Kürt Rogiers in an interview with BuzzE. “I’m going to be so slow to get to the fifty. I’m a gray-haired man had become. This may be a scare for some of us.”