Jeroen Meus, and his super power is ready to

f35406f66534f5ed73785fdfadd95571 - Jeroen Meus, and his super power is ready to

Two to the sixth power, celebrates the new decade with his seventh of the season. As always, the slide, and this year is a private limited company super-power, such as Waes, Jérôme, Françoise Lefebure, and Philippe Geubels. They will take on students from the unknown to the Flemings.

The well-known names, there are also some surprising newcomers, such as Frank Lammers, a drug baron and Ferry Bouman from the Back), Kim Van Oncen (Thirty), and Charlotte Timmers (What if?, Studio and tarara). They are venturing for the first time in a contest on the belgian national television. The presentation is again in the hands of Jeroen Meus. What is new is that he has a view of this year’s dare to short films, to questions, to determine if they are having a breakfast with a touch of humor.

The private limited company super-power is composed of: Sven De Leijer, Waes, Erik Van Looy, Kim Van Oncen, Danira Boukhriss, Jérôme, Charlotte Timmers, Albert Knight, John Albert, Philippe Geubels, Elodie Ouedraogo, Ivan De Vadder, Jelle De Beule, Frances Lefebure, Eline De Munck, Frank, Lammers, Ella Leyers, Olga Leyers, Marleen Merckx, Dimitri Leue, Warre Borgmans, Janus Coorevits, Lennert Coorevits, Guga Baul, New Levels, Jan-Jaap van der Wal, Manou Kersting, Rik Verheye, Steven Van Herreweghe, Anne De Baetzelier, and for Willy Sommers.