Jamilla Baidou has learned a lesson

8e6f90cae64c8ffad686f994ac3ec38e - Jamilla Baidou has learned a lesson

Jamilla Baidou is a true Youtube phenomenon, with up to 160,000 subscribers, but it still makes it once in a while, a mistake that has major consequences. “I am very much aware of the fact that you need to be aware of what you’re showing,” says Jamilla. When she was outside of her house and showed them, they were there a moment later, suddenly, each and every day, the fans at the door. “The first time I got to the door, opened the door, and in a very friendly way said that I would rather not have to. The one time I did, the door slammed shut, and then it was done. Luckily, the” sound of the sigh by Jamilla Baidou on in the Story.