An almost-real, the new song from Travis Scott


Will there ever be a time when machines and programs are better able to make music than the human beings? At the moment, the first steps have been taken with your own music, you can do so.

At the firm space150, they have recently launched a very interesting project has been carried out in this area. They were a tool for weeks on end-the music of Travis Scott’s analysis, then, an artificial intelligence with a track that is just in time for the release, could be: The Park is Canny Dope Man performed by TravisBott.

Just like a real family

Both the beat, and if the text is sound, if a real number is Home Team. There is even a matching video for the song. All you can hear is made and designed through the software. And the amazing thing of it all is that you can’t really hear it. The only thing that stands out when you listen closely, is that the text is not about anything, but that is a common occurrence in today’s hip-hop scene.

The choice of He, Scott, was Once Some of the space150 was an obvious choice. He is a unique artist with a unique sound. Interestingly, the digital version of the rapper with a penchant for food has been developed. This results in a surrealistic lyrics like, “I don’t want to shit on your party food.

In the meantime, are there any artists who use this kind of AI software to make compositions. So, Holly Herndon, and Grimes are already working in this area. The painting was done similar things. In 2016, it did have a computer, a so-called new in the work of Rembrandt to create one.