Actor, Mingus Dagelet got a ‘reality check’ by kaakabces

d19132ebde0785982b92cfff6fa2708f - Actor, Mingus Dagelet got a 'reality check' by kaakabces

Actor, Mingus Dagelet got a ‘reality check’ by kaakabces

14-February-2020 07:25
14-02-20 07:25
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Mingus Dagelet, among the more well-known due to the films King of Katoren and, Mannenharten, and says to himself, “a little spoiled” to find out now that he’s back in the course of his career. That is, he tells, on Friday , The newspaper de Volkskrant.

The 28-year-old Dagelet, the son of actor Hans Dagelet, and violist Esther Apituley, tells the story of his privileged childhood in the beautiful city of the South, and how he can be so ease in, davis was given. “I realized then basically how special it was,” says the actor. “Maybe it’s also because I can not otherwise knew existed. Living a life as an actor, that made sense, I felt like it, of course.”

Also, the school was Dagelet to the wind, but then it was suddenly quiet in terms of jobs. “That’s when I was still very ill,” continues the actor. “A long, tedious process of a kaakabces, so I couldn’t eat, and hardly any on my legs, was able to stand up. As a consequence, I also don’t work. So, it was really struggling.”