These artists have a star on the Walk of Fame and the pop music festival

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Sint-truiden were woendsdag under a grand then taken, and the first-ever pop music festival-stars will be awarded to 6 artists in this year’s edition is back from the party, and more than 5 times on the festival stage in Hasselt there. Record holders are The Romeo and Christoff, with a will of their 13 kick. Laura Lynn (12), Willy Sommers (10), Yves Segers, and (7), and Bart Kaëll (6) completed the ensemble. All of the performers were, one by one, honored to have this touching gesture. “For me, this is the price at the level of a GENIUS, the only difference being that it is a recognition of the organisation as well as the general public, and that feels great,” said Christoff enthusiastic about it.

It promises to be a topeditie to sint-truiden during the last weekend of march and the first week of april. A stage is set up in the middle of the room, the capacity is substantially expanded, and the addition of a fifth, the date of the concert is to add promises, it has now been a record edition, to to. More than 55 000 visitors are expected for the festival, in the meantime, a number that is ticking every day. New this year is the after-party, because that is taken care of by the dj’s of the Moose, the Bar, and then you’ll know that it’s after the end is still quite a lot of fun with.