Nina Butera, a discovery by Paul Severs, at this day, in A Year’

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Tonight, you and Nina Butera to Today, over a year on the job. The young singer from St. Pieters-Leeuw, was discovered by Paul Severs. Therefore, it is not surprising, therefore, that it was a year ago at Cath Luyten, said that in the years I was in the top 10 in the performing arts and would like to assist. “Yes, I will be so happy. I’m willing to do anything about it,” said she.
Nina loves to sing and dreams of a career in the world of showbiz. Christopher Severs, son of – – and saw her talent and took her under his wing. They have released two singles, which were positively received, but none of the jars broke in the Ultratop. Nina is going to have to change. And she sets the bar high: it wants to be in the top ten, and most of all, it is a duet with her idol, Stan Van Samang sing in.

Kelly (37 years old) and Wesley (39) of Lichtervelde are hoping to have a baby through artificial way. The 14-year-old Nina, from St. Pieters-Leeuw wants to break through as a singer in the performing arts 10. Karen (29 years old, live in Antwerp, belgium) will be after a cancer treatment, in 20-kg weight loss. Jenti (24 years old, from Buggenhout) is confined to a wheelchair, and is just 40 kilograms, emaciated, and the 20 km of Brussels is to take it with a handbike. And, then, there appears still to be a well-known face: the 31-year-old, An, from Wuustwezel, belgium last year, was also to be seen in about a year. She is the child of an anonymous donor, and is searching for her biological relatives. By 2018, they had, unfortunately, found none. However, they gave up the search, not on it, and is Looking for something extra special to tell you.

Participant observer: An (31), from Wuustwezel, belgium: “I want to be with my biological father”
“Kate, I have great news.”
Today, over a year-the story of An start-up in 2017. When it came to An at for Kate to tell her about her quest to find her relatives. An at her age of 25 to found out that they were conceived with anonymously donorzaad. Five years later, they still have not recovered from the shock, but she was determined to get all the missing pieces of her levenspuzzel to be found. Due to the international DNA databanks, she went in search of relatives, in the hope that her half-brothers or half-sisters are to be found. Or, who knows, but her biological father is? Unfortunately, they are in 2018, and tell them that they were never found. However, to specify a thought is not.

Kelly (37), and Italian (39), from Lichtervelde – “to-day, in a year, we want to have a baby in you.”
“It’s about time that this was not a taboo topic, and couples, there’s talk about it.” Kelly
Kelly and Brad have been for the past ten years as a couple, and would love to seal it with a baby. Unfortunately, it turns out to Wesleys seed is of poor quality and have a natural birth almost impossible. The pair has been on a journey begun in an artificial way to get pregnant, but in the meantime, but without success. They are hoping very hard that this time next year, it will be done, and that they are the twelve months of a baby’s arm to be able to go into the studio.