Kinepolis is given the green light to allow new cinemas to open

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On October 23, 2019 at the latest, the Court of Appeal of Brussels, the decision by the Belgian competition Authority (BMA) on march 25, 2019, to destroy it, and Kinepolis, the green light is to show how to grow organically in its home market of Belgium, provided that, in respect of a period of transition. For the purpose of determining the duration of the transition period, is a reference to the Court of Appeals to return it to the BMA. In the meantime, the BMA has issued a ruling on that period of time.

The BMA has ruled that Kinepolis is as of August 12, 2021-new multiplex cinemas to open in Belgium, without the prior written consent of the Authority. During the transition period, Kinepolis is free to make arrangements with a view to identifying possible gaps.

This decision is part of a long-standing procedure in which Kinepolis’s a level playing field, which have been imposed at the time of the merger between the groups Bert and Claeys, in 1997, wanted to get out. Kinepolis believes this decision is in the long-procedureslag with respect to organic growth, to be able to let go. The other terms and conditions, including with respect to the prohibition against acquisitions in Belgium, will continue to apply.

Eddy Duquenne, CEO of Kinepolis Group, “This is what we can make a reasonable decision. We are looking forward to welcoming in the new regions, to contribute to the successful development of the Belgian cinema market.”