It’s going to be hard against hard, Expedition Robinson

7dae6aece96b8b4081fab56489ccf7a3 - It's going to be hard against hard, Expedition Robinson

It’s a loss for the second eliminatieproef has the traces left behind in the Camp in the North. The Belgians are physically stronger, they were in their previous positions. Nell has played the game cleverly, and She moved, so surprised, at the wraakeiland. What is expected of her, and Aïcha is not yet fully understood. They both hope to be back in the game in the process.

By the third trial on the horizon, feel a in a Camp in the North uncomfortable with it; She, who in the previous trial, and to the end continued to be, and Nell, who, as the only Dutch in the mood to see them hanging. But, in the end, “Never change a winning team”, right? All of it is awareness, there is now a Camp South of there is also, however, able to stand up.

This test is physically grueling, or it may be you have to take a different route to prove that you belong in this competition? How much pain can you suffer? Herman is sitting with a bruised foot, and verbijt publicly and in pain. But it might not be the only one to hide the grin on his face.

Expedition Robinson is showing his true nature. This is a physical, psychological, rational, tough elimination race, which always continues to surprise. It is clear that there is no compassion in Expedition Robinson. Everyone has to have because of how hard it is for the next to weeks to go.

Expeditie Robinson, so there will be 20u35 FOUR