Comments after the narrow victory, the Club from Wigan in the cup

5cad3601f69804ee6691159bf1645316 - Comments after the narrow victory, the Club from Wigan in the cup

Comments after the narrow victory, the Club from Wigan in the cup

13 February, 2020 18:02
13-02-20 at 18:02
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of THE cup. My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you up to date on the matches in the quarter-finals of the cup.

  • Results:
  • Go Ahead Eagles-FC Utrecht, 1-4
  • sc Heerenveen-Feyenoord 0-1

sc Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-minute geledenEen beautiful view at the Abe Lenstra Stadium. Goaltender Justin Bijlow gets it from Carlo, the Lion-sign to the box, and then takes in the whole range with the picture before in the Feyenoord legion. Goalscorer Leroy Fer, Jens Toornstra and is an assistant to John the Wolf in libation with tears of Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 5 hours ago

We’re going to go to the semi-finals, after an emotional victory at Heerenveen, the netherlands
The team met for the third year in a row, in the semi-finals of the KNVB cup. The People rely on the date of the death of the head equipment manager, Carlo the Lion, with Wigan: 0-1. Leroy Fer will sign after a quarter of an hour for the only goal of the night. When the last of the four, is STOKE city the opposition, that yesterday’s surprisingly strong for Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 6-minute geleden90+6 ” to The bekerzege of the Team does not seem to be more at risk to get. One Bijlow picks in the final stage, a fly ball out of the air, and it takes the sting out of one of the Frisian Heerenveen-Feyenoord · an 11-minute drive geleden90+1′ nasty clash between His Dresević and Luis Sinisterra, leads to an egg the size of a tennis ball on to the head of the Dresevic. An image of Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 12-minute geleden90′ minimal extra time, the hotel is less than seven minutes. Plenty of time for Wigan to make an end is to make Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 15-minute geleden87′ The centre of the audience shouts out the sc Heerenveen for the forward. The semi-finals of the Club is still in danger?sc Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 19 hours geleden83′ Edgar Ié really can’t go any further and sat down on the wet Heerenveen, the netherlands. That’s something you don’t like it, of course. And so, Jan-Arie van der Heijden of his Team-garb for Heerenveen-Feyenoord·, 21 minutes geleden81, ” A double-bill at the Club: Oguzhan Özyakup and Sam Larsson in the line and replaces Nicolai Jørgensen and Orkun Kökcü.sc Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 22 hours ago

sc Heerenveen will earn at least the second half at the Club, and that the defense of theses are not in order, and the Marbles, dots, of opportunities missed. Still, for more than ten minutes to play in the Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 25-minute geleden76′ Bar! Once again the Wigan and is trying to repeat history in a safe place. Substitute player Runar Espejord tap the ball in from the Mountains on to the Heerenveen-Feyenoord · is a 28-minute geleden74′ Jan-Arie van der Heijden is on the field, come to the Club. Edgar Ié seems to be no longer than 75 minutes to Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 32 minutes ago

Opportunities, in abundance, of goals for all resources. We’re going to fail to further move away from Heerenveen, but the treasure is still in a 0 to 1-the lead at the Abe Lenstra football Stadium, a backdrop of sadness and Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 36 minutes and geleden65 Again, it helps the Team a live chance at that. Luis Sinisterra explains the wide Orkun Kökcü, one for the empty goal, but he has met the cat, Heerenveen, the netherlands-goalkeeper Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 42-minute geleden60′ we’re going to have it very difficult in the province of Friesland, and this is a chance for Jens Odgaard stresses. He does have the ball, with his shoulder next to Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 44 minutes geleden58′ Bar! There is nothing is almost the same. A cross from Jens Odgaard from the left of the Wigan drifts to the surprise of the Team-goaltender Justin Bijlow on the Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a one-hour geleden57 the sc Heerenveen) has a heart, and swagger is collected and the place we’re going to take her back to the wall. In the End, they seem to be reconciled with the faith of a Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a one-hour geleden54′ Rejected! Luis Sinisterra think we’re going to be on 0-2 shooting, after a razor sharp counter, but the linesman has his flag up for offside. And so goes the new party in the province of Friesland Heerenveen-Feyenoord · one hour ago

This picture is reflective of the conditions in the Abe Lenstra Stadium. We’re going to dominate the match, and Heerenveen have all the registers open for the People to stop the Freezing in of the switch are still using dots of Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a one-hour geleden50′ What a great opportunity for sc Heerenveen, the netherlands. Ejuke is the only on the net, with Justin Bijlow and stumble on the preeminent goaltender of the Team who hit the ball through his hip and down his priority Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a one-hour geleden48, ” It is clearly not of the night, by Nicolai Jørgensen. The Danish striker is in a scoring position, but the cut in the final over with the ball, and fails to meet the Team at a 0-2 start to the Heerenveen-Feyenoord-four hours ago, theKick-off! The ball is rolling once again in the province of Friesland in the second half of the Heerenveen-Feyenoord. To the People defending a 0-1 lead eventually thanks to a hit by Leroy Heerenveen-Feyenoord · one hour ago

Peace of mind! The team is going to be an emotional night in the lead against sc Heerenveen, the netherlands in the quarter-finals of the KNVB cup. Leroy Fer is wearing is the one and only goal of the first half of it on to Carlo, the Lion, and the head equipment manager of the Team who is now 59 years of age died from the effects of cancer and cancer Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a one-hour geleden45+1′ Dresevic, fires a free-kick at least 35 yards, which One Bijlow are on the verkijkt. Fortunately for him, swirls the ball just Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a one-hour geleden43′ Nicolai Jørgensen, emerges like a jack in a box on the spitspositie, and may be close to a pass from Steven Berghuis, but the goalkeeper Bednarek is in his Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a one-hour geleden39′ the Team is under pressure and needs of Frisian storm to see it survive. Especially dribbelaar Chidera Ejuke, it is a plague, in which the Rotterdam-based defence, but it has no Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a one-hour geleden37′ once Again, a live odds for sc Heerenveen, and once again, Sven Botman, at the base of a corner kick. One Bijlow saves the day, even now, difficult to get the shot of the tall Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a one-hour geleden33, ” There is almost a 1-to-1 in the Dutch province of Friesland. We’re going to his Justin Bijlow makes it a smart shot from the Ejuke with his finger, and Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a one-hour geleden32′ Husband Senesi is on the bill, after a hard sliding tackle on Jens Odgaard. Wigan will then have a chance to win the 1-to-1, but the referee Higler had been whistled for a Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a one-hour geleden29′ Team coach Dick Advocaat complained about the arbitration and gets the referee, Dennis Higler on the roof of his house, which he takes, that he is the decision maker on the field. “You have two sides of the whistle”, hits the Lawyer to Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geleden28 ” Luis Sinisterra, the 0 to 2 in the shoe, and when he is at full liberty shows up for the Wigan goalkeeper Bednarek, however, the Polish keeper keeps his team in the knock-out with a rescue by his Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago

Not long after, balt goalscorer Leroy Fer, the hollow of his hand, and said he has a slogan, with its sights firmly set on a frantic Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago

Beautiful photos leak pictures of the Abe Lenstra football Stadium, Leroy Fer, is already more than a minute, the spell breaks, on behalf of the People, and his goal is get to Carlo’s Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geleden21 ” Here it is, almost the end of sc Heerenveen, the netherlands. Sven Botman and blasts it hard to the goal from a corner kick, the goalkeeper Justin Bijlow has a great deal of effort to the attempt made by the young defender. The team takes the ball Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago

In this short celebration of the players of the Team in the field at the Abe Lenstra Stadium in memory of the deceased, the head equipment manager, Carlo the Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geleden17 ” sc Heerenveen, the netherlands has not yet recovered from the shock of the opening goal of the Season and then the ball is dutiful at the side. The Locals think it is best, to take the defensive positions, and lie in wait in patience for the game just like the coach Dick Advocaat would like to see Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago there areis a 15′ GOAL, the Team! From 0 to 1

We’re going to come in within a quarter of an hour ahead of in the Past. Leroy Fer is the headline of an indirect free-kick into the far corner, and sticks his index finger in the air, to the death of the head equipment manager, Carlo the Lion, and to remember. A very emotional moment, and one chapter for the Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geleden12′ we’re going to come out well prepared in the Frisian soil, and is given by Jens Toornstra with a new opportunity. The shot goes in the goal, from the goalie to Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago

Still a rare view in to the Abe Lenstra Stadium: an attacking sc Heerenveen, the netherlands. Marbles hope to be in the game is the story of One of the Mountains to the Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geleden11′ It shows, sc Heerenveen, the netherlands for the first time seriously to see it. The attacker Ejuke will in time be interrupted by the defense of the Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago

For example, there are the fans of the Club prior to the kick-off version of the description of the death of the material of Carlo the Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geleden8′ Nicolai Jørgensen will be an enforced opportunity to make the Team in the early stages to lead to the shooting. To the Table and places the ball well to his left foot, but goalkeeper Bednarek is on its Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geleden5, ” here is the first shot of the game, and that’s the name of My ferry-man sc Heerenveen. With the ball, there is a lack of direction, as he drifts high, the province stands in Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago theKick-off! The ball at the Abe Lenstra Stadium in Heerenveen, the netherlands. sc Heerenveen-Feyenoord the final match in the quarter-finals of the cup tournament Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geledenAlle of the players of the Team, including the reserves, will form a large circle, the staff, and the remembrance of Carlo the Lion in the field. A beautiful setting for the Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geledenDe of the players of sc Heerenveen and the Team enter the field at the Abe Lenstra Stadium. That we’re going to contribute to the emergence of a special shirt with the words ” Carlitos, forever in our hearts, all right. The box displays a beautiful sign with a picture of Carlo the Lion, even the death of the head equipment manager of the Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago

In the late evening: “The Lion is always in for a chat’
Injured Wigan goalkeeper Warner Hahn will compete with FOX Sports’ memories of the death of the Club-head equipment manager, Carlo the Lion. In the late evening was that of 2014 to 2017, under a contract with the Club. “He was a happy guy, always up for a chat. Nice and very funny. Is a great guy. That’s the kind of people behind the scenes is very important for the club.” ” sc Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 2 hours agoWho’s going to be as the final club to the semi-finals of the DUTCH cup, only to find STOKE city?

  • sc Heerenveen
  • We’re going to

sc Heerenveen-Feyenoord · a 2-hour geledenOok the fans in Rotterdam, the netherlands are still in it die of a the head equipment manager, Carlo the Lion. As a tribute to the former player of the club’s players wear rouwbanden, and will be there for the kick-off, a minute’s silence will be observed.

Banner in memory of Carlo the Lion in the box of the Team


AuteurDennis of EerselMoment of plaatsen20:26 pm – February 13, 2020sc Heerenveen-Feyenoord · 2 hours ago

Attorney: ‘it Was very, very quiet in the dressing room’
We’re going to coach Dick Advocaat considered to be the game to play it, due to the death of the head equipment manager, Carlo the Lion? “That is a question that we can’t make it, we have to play football. It was in the morning, very quiet in the locker room, the guys have a lot of activities with him and experienced it. This is terrible news,” said a Lawyer with FOX Sports. “I try to give the guys a little looser, that is, they know what it is about. These are just two of the matches for the final round. But this is, of course, is all very strange.”Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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