SBS Belgium is the move-Love the Island

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Fans who Love the Island were looking forward to it, but it will still be just as hungry to continue to sit there. SBS Belgium has decided to extend the season of Love and the Island in August to send out. Last year, the program is starting at the end of may, is broadcast at FOUR, and this year it will be, therefore, that in the course of the summer. The reason for this? The king of football. For the Latest News and to know that SBS Belgium is thus in competition with the european Football CHAMPIONSHIPS, the Tour de France and the Olympic Games, will be avoided. That sporting events provide the young people with a different look and feel. Curiously, SBS Belgium, don’t know whether the program is on a FOUR-or FIVE-will be on view. Of Holly Mae Brood, and The Verhulst in relation to the board, which is still to be determined.