S Media and Telenet join forces for a new streaming service

29f49b4b8ab433f1c6f15a227095144b - S Media and Telenet join forces for a new streaming service

S Media and Telenet, announced the intention to put together a full-fledged streamingaanbod with a number of local and international content, and to launch a joint-venture between the two companies. In this way, they want to be able to respond to the ever-changing natural world, and is a local alternative on offer in the world of streaming services. Telenet and the BATCH of Media to expect that the new company will be active in the fall and by the year 2020.

Thanks to digitization, it is in the natural world from anywhere in the world is changing rapidly. Classic television is still very popular, but many people are now on their tablet, PC, or smartphone, or live television programs to watch whenever and wherever you want. The flemish broadcasters and operators, this trend is anticipated with the development of video platforms and services, such as back -screen TV, and tv apps. This dynamism is brought in has to offer.
In addition to the range is via the traditional channels, consumers are also becoming more of an ‘on-demand’offerings, and they are willing to pay for it. International paid streaming service, with more and more of the Flemish market and to discover the Flemish media ecosystem is under pressure. In this fast-growing market offers potential for those players who are distinctive, with a strong local demand, combined with foreign movies and tv series.

Telenet, BATCH of Media have different strengths in their hands, to put together a relevant and local media to build on: they have a wide portfolio of television channels in Flanders is very popular, mainly with the programmes of our country. There is, in Flanders, as a relatively small region, which is quite unique in. The combination of the content of the BATCH of the Media (with the o for a while.a. Flemish fiction), and the number of local and international content from Telenet (with an o for a while.a. SBS/Woestijnvis/Play), provides a unique offering to the viewer.
Today it serves Telenet has more than 400,000 clients, with a Play-and-Play, and More, services that are currently only available to Telenet customers, and S the Media, after the successful launch of the toll-free platform for the VTM-GO), a technological platform is being developed for its own paid streaming service.

In that reality, and with the same vision of how to respond to the changing needs of the audience, have a BATCH of Media and Telenet, with the intention to work together on a joint venture to set up this year to create a new local streaming service to be launched. This is a streaming service that will be available over a new paid tv app will be available for all in Flanders, and via the company’s Play-selection of a Provider.