Luk Alloo to dive again into the night

a1109911d705f98350c1a9a300c3ad83 - Luk Alloo to dive again into the night

Luk Alloo will meet at Thursday the 13th of February, and again, the people who live and work in the night, in the season of Alloo in de Night-time. In the second part, in order to 22.05 at the TV, pulling Luke to midnight at The café de Pelikaan in the Campine branch At. Anyone can make a drink, come drink at the café owner, Ko, and … on Wednesday to have hair cut from her people Now. If Now at midnight, walk into, it even has two customers in the kappersstoel did. “I’m very happy at the coffee shop, and I cut it like her. So, this is the ideal combination,” laughs the hairdresser.

On Friday, 23.18 hrs, in Antwerpen, belgium. Now it has an exclusive, invitation-er, for ‘the Secret ‘ last Night, at an undisclosed location. “We’ll have a night, with the 25 participating couples,” says the host. “The people will be able to go as far as they want to be. They will be able to have sex, at the bar, or don’t do anything. Anything is possible, but not to do so.” Now working with three of the couples who openly talk about why they ‘rock out’.