The race leans up against the ADO of backlog to be in the lead

8a540742ba83933aade100c71e357f37 - The race leans up against the ADO of backlog to be in the lead

The race leans up against the ADO of backlog to be in the lead

11 February, 2020 18:10
11-02-20 18:10
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Premier league! My name is Youri Kocken, and I’ve got you tonight and inform you of the developments in the two games.


  • Sparta-ADO Den Haag 2-1


  • FC Emmen-FC Twente 2-0

Sparta Rotterdam-ADO Den Haag · a 5-minute geleden38′ Ragnar Ache trying to take it with a bicycle kick, and is very close to the figure 3-1 for the Race, but his fine effort go just next to it.Sparta Rotterdam-ADO Den Haag · 7 hours ago

And here it gives Patrick Joosten of the Race in the lead.Sparta Rotterdam-ADO Den Haag · 7 hours ago

Here is the headline Adil Auassar of the Race is at the same height…Sparta Rotterdam-ADO Den Haag · 7 hours ago

Here is cheers to ADO Den Haag after a goal, I rarely get to Pinas…Sparta Rotterdam-ADO Den Haag · 16 minutes ago –27′ GOAL, Sparta Rotterdam. 2-1

On the other hand, touch to the Race. Patrick Joosten is still on the outside of the zestienmetergebied Sam Stubbs back and throws the ball, and then sweeping across the ADO goalkeeper and Luuk Koopmans him. He made his first one in Rotterdam.Sparta Rotterdam-ADO Den Haag · 17 minutes geleden27′ Bar! Nearly 2-1 for the Race. A free-kick from Dante Rigo on the edge of the zestienmetergebied will come to the junction to go.Sparta Rotterdam-ADO Den Haag · 22 minutes ago,22′ GOAL, Sparta Rotterdam. 1-to-1

In the second half and parts of the backlog very quickly. From the corner of Dante Rigo selling out Adil Auassar of the ball using the inside of the pole to the inside.Sparta Rotterdam-ADO Den Haag · 27 minutes ago there are17′ GOAL by ADO Den Haag! From 0 to 1

I rarely get debit cards brings with ADO, the first big chance to get ahead. The midfield is ticking close after Tomas Necid with a free-kick to the head, and return.Sparta Rotterdam-ADO Den Haag · 36 minutes and geleden8 Again, the danger of the Race. Time is ticking by ADO goalkeeper and Luuk Koopmans, in a free-kick from Dante Rigo in addition to his goal.Sparta Rotterdam-ADO Den Haag · a 40-minute geleden4′ Bar! The race is very early in the race, is close to the opening goal. A shot distance from Patrick Joosten act differently on the bar.Sparta Rotterdam-ADO Den Haag · a 44-minute geleden1: “The first half has been on the move, in Rotterdam, the netherlands. This statistic does not promise too many goals: the Race awaits all 107 minutes in goal in the Premier league, while ADO Den Haag is all of 190 minutes and not scored in the league.Sparta Rotterdam-ADO Den Haag · – one hour ago

About a dozen mintuen is going on in The Castle and in the second match of the evening begins. On the 17th of August of the previous year, were Sparta and ADO for the last time, across from each other, and then we won in the End with a 1-2, thanks to two goals from Mohamed Rayhi. With the midfield missing tonight due to a suspension.FC Emmen-FC Twente-four hours geledenVoor Anco Jansen, it was his first goal in more than a year’s time. The attacker was out of the rotation because of an injury.

366 – Anco Jansen scored his first goal in the Premier league since 10-Feb-2019 at the latest. (v ADO Den Haag), one year and one day ago. Return on investment.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen20:23 – February 11, 2020FC Emmen-FC Twente-one hour ago

Emmen are counting at home by Twente
The final whistle sounds at Old Meerdijk. FC Emmen beat FC Twente 2-0 thanks to a hit from Kerim Frei and substitute player Anco Jansen. The victory of climbing to the Drenten at the eleventh position, while the Tukkers at the age of thirteen place settings.FC Emmen-FC Twente-four hours ago,90+3′ GOAL for FC Emmen! 2-0

This is where the decision was made. When the counter indicates Jafar Arias of the ball to the Anco Jansen and the substitute attacker to take the ball past His Devil, in the lower left hand corner up.FC Emmen-FC Twente-four hours geleden90 ” There will be five minutes of stoppage time in the province of Drenthe. Is Twente still to score a goal or Emmen zoo, the three points in your own home?FC Emmen-FC Twente-four hours geleden89′ FC Emmen dives in with a counter-hazardous for the purpose of FC Twente, but His Devil meets the ball just in front of the Michael the Lion is gone.FC Emmen-FC Twente-four hours geleden84, ” Have a few minutes to go to The Old Meerdijk. Emmen is, with 1-0, but in the Twente carries out the pressure of what is, and is going to be on the hunt for the equalizer.Sparta Rotterdam-ADO Den Haag · a one-hour geledenOp of The Castle and his team have been working on the warm-up.

🔥 A warm-up!!!
#spaADO #ComeOnTheHague


AuteurADO in The Hague 🔰Time plaatsen20:05 pm – February 11, 2020FC Emmen-FC Twente-four hours geleden72 ” In the city of Emmen Anco Jansen is out in the field. The attacker takes the place of Richard Kolar.FC Emmen-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

68′ – We are halfway through the second half, and the Emmen zoo is leading with 1-0. In the second half and dominated, just as the rest of the game, but to create something a little less opportunities. FC Twente will be there every now and then, but succeeded, barely, in order to be dangerous to to be.Sparta Rotterdam-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours ago

The lineup of Sparta and ADO are well known. In the End, makes the Excelsior reservations Jeffry Fortes are basisdebuut.

Sparta Rotterdam: Harush; Fortes, Friend’s, Mattheij, Faye; Rigo, Harroui, Auassar; Smith, Joosten, Ache.
ADO Den Haag: Koopmans,; Malone, Stubbs, debit cards, and The Bock; After all, Baluta, to the point!; Summerville, Necid, Plenty.FC Emmen-FC Twente · a 2-hour geleden57′ my god! There was almost 2-0 Emmen, the netherlands. Sergio Peña, who gets a close up of the area in order to get out of it, but he has found His Devil in his way. Marko Kolar shoot the ball from the rebound over.FC Emmen-FC Twente · a 2-hour geleden52 First change of the match: FC Twente takes on Giorgi Aburjania, the place (s) of Lindon Selahi.FC Emmen-FC Twente · a 2-hour geleden46, ” We are going to continue on with The Old Meerdijk. Going for FC Emmen in the second half, and on the same level, or may be FC Twente, which is more resistant?FC Emmen-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

FC Emmen zoo is celebrating the opening goal from Kerim Frei for a few minutes to rest.FC Emmen-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind!

The teams were looking for the dressing rooms in the province, where the FC Emmen-earned 1-0 lead against a mediocre team FC Twente. The team of Dick, We have been in the first half was the much better team, and it will create the necessary opportunities. That gives a few minutes for the rest of the opening goal from Kerim Frei on it.FC Emmen-FC Twente · 2 hours ago there isa 40′ GOAL for FC Emmen! 1-0

On the other hand, touch the Emmen, the netherlands. After a goal, says Michael, the Lion, and Kerim Frei on the edge of the zestienmetergebied shot. His Devil is rooted to the ground.FC Emmen-FC Twente · a 2-hour geleden31 Now is Kerim Frei but the the net to Emmen, but that the goal will be disallowed due to an offside. The 1-0 is in the air.FC Emmen-FC Twente · a 2-hour geleden29′ Bar! As an Axe, shoot with a free-kick from around 20 metres to the crossing and bring in Emmen, almost at the edge. His Devil may be, there is just not one of them, but they are saved by the crossbar.FC Emmen-FC Twente · 3 hours ago

23 ” We are in the middle of the game, and it’s still 0-0. FC Emmen is now in the game, and it will be the best of the opportunities, including that of Richard Kolar.FC Emmen-FC Twente · a 3-hour geleden15′ Emmen zoo will once again be a huge risk. This time it touches Haris Vuckic hit the ball, and then Marko Kolar and all the space to get out of it. The effort of the Croat, however, is just wrong.FC Emmen-FC Twente · a 3-hour geleden12 ” Because it is the first big chance of the game. Michael, the Lion, is the headline of a measured man As an Axe at the target, but the Twente goalkeeper Joel Devil is in the classroom.FC Emmen-FC Twente · a 3-hour geleden8, ” It is still a bit of a search for both of the teams in the opening stages. The fans of FC Twente and have a good taste for it, and singing en masse in the name of Wout Brama. They are clearly at odds with the choice of coach Gonzalo García García, to make the sides out of the show.Sparta Rotterdam-ADO Den Haag · 3 hours geledenADO in The Hague and reports in the meantime at The Chateau, where the team is at 20: 45 will start the away game against Sparta Rotterdam, the netherlands.

🚌 , There’s the bus! Check out the arrivals at the stadium, live on 📱


AuteurADO in The Hague 🔰Time plaatsen18:59 pm – February 11, 2020FC Emmen-FC Twente · a 3-hour geleden1, ” The ball is in the province, which in the past have now been removed. You can be number fifteen of the FC Emmen first competitiezege since the 19th of January, the books, or rolls of FC Twente-a spanner in the works?FC Emmen-FC Twente · a 3-hour geledenOp The Oude Meerdijk, where it started to it hails, and his team have been working on the warm-up.

Some pictures of the finish on the goal. #emmtwe


AuteurFC TwenteMoment of plaatsen18:13 – February 11, 2020FC Emmen-FC Twente · 3 hours ago

For the last time, FC Emmen and FC Twente met was on 25th of October of the previous year. When the win for the Tukkers in Enschede, the netherlands 4-1 thanks to two goals from Haris Vuckic.FC Emmen-FC Twente·, the 4-hour geledenIn for the installation of FC Emmen takes a coach’s Dick, We have one amendment to it: Hilal Ben Moussa, the civil society, in preference to Tom Hiariej.

XI, and Our preparation⭐
Telgenkamp, Axe, mace, Heylen, Araujo, Burnet, Ben Moussa, Chacon, Free, Peña, Kolar and The Lion
Bills of exchange: dahlberg shows, Veendorp, Johnson, Laursen, Görgülü, Hiariej, Ugrinic, Them, Fox, ” Van der Lei


AuteurFC EmmenMoment of plaatsen17:51 am – February 11, 2020FC Emmen-FC Twente·, the 4-hour geledenDaar set-up FC Twente. Javier Espinosa takes over at the front of the place (s) of Aitor Cantalapiedra, which comes with a foot injury, is struggling. Lindon Selahi after returning from a suspension, so Jesse and Bosch is back on the couch.

The line-up for tonight, it is well-known. Of these eleven, shall, on behalf of FC Twente, with the team of FC Emmen will start. Emmtwe


AuteurFC TwenteMoment of plaatsen17:18 – February 11, 2020FC Emmen-FC Twente·, the 4-hour geledenIn in the Premier league, are tonight’s two matches will be rescheduled on Sunday, were canceled because of the storm, Ciara: FC Emmen-FC Twente (18: 30), and Sparta Rotterdam, ADO Den Haag (20: 45). The players of the netherlands are now in the Dutch province of Drenthe.

The players have arrived in Emmen, the netherlands. #emmtwe


AuteurFC TwenteMoment of plaatsen16:57 – feb 11 by 2020Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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