Marlijn Weerdenburg did not know her baby

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Marlijn Weerdenburg did not know her baby

11 February, 2020 22:31
11-02-20 22:31
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After her birth, did Marlijn Weerdenburg is just as disturbed by her young son. This, says the 36-year-old actress is in the program for The Right Person.

“I used to think:” I am the kind of person that, everything is intuitive, a natural mother,” says Weerdenburg on the presenter Özkan Akyol. “But when he came out, and after an intense labor, I was in the same place, in the home, with a baby, but that’s a lot of crying, but I wasn’t able to be comforted.”

The actress says that she is after the birth, depressed and insecure, too. Took them off and teasing her husband in Paul’s day. “I was jealous of him, because he was at work, and I haven’t,” says Weerdenburg.