Jo Vally, with a surprising performance at the theatre

b7c3d4b9092d11c2c020cf33be00ac56 - Jo Vally, with a surprising performance at the theatre

Last year, the fourth of Jo Vally had his 40-year career, in which he has a lot of shows and was working with the orchestra, including the great concert in the Kursaal of Ostend. Now, the singer is clearly in a different hand, in a real theatre. In the ‘Features’ on the MANAGEMENT SCREEN, and gave the singer a detailed explanation of the “My life”, as the title of the show, as it is called. Jo Vally not only to sing, but there’s also a lot of theater at that. Jo will have to say that being on the stage with the people with whom he normally works. The game is played in a simple setting, in which the singer, at the beginning of the show, you will have a seat at the piano for a few songs to play … and it is ringing the door-bell. The visitors of the show will get to feel as if they have a rehearsal to attend in a repetitielokaal. Calls are being made, stories told, … the Songs of the persecuting times, to be re-published and recently made, images of the past, will be shown to you, fun games with the members of the public will also be discussed. Is there room for a special guest who does not have to be from the world of music, it should come up.

Jo Vally has to go to, say, a year and a few months of written to, this piece of theatre, and in association with a number of people. Currently, there is a further rehearsals on Thursday the 12th of march, to be ready for the try-out which takes place in Aartselaar. Thereafter, pulling of the lead singer, with “My life” at the cultural centers in Flanders. If you would like a performance to attend? Go to the agenda. It is clear that Jo Vally is a very surprising show to the public, will be presented.