Waes, a month in Japan, and to Travel to the Waas

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The presenter and adventurer, Tom Waes was leaving this weekend to go to Japan, and will be for a month’s stay. The reason for this? With The Olympic Games. This summer, all eyes of the world focused on Japan in the Olympic Games in the capital city of Tokyo, japan. A very important moment for the country, and together with the athletes, there will be as many as 40 million tourists are expected. For an island that has always pride itself was on its individuality and unique cultural heritage. Japan has always been somewhat isolated from the outside world, creating a unique culture is created. In isolation, it would be in 2020 will not be definitively put an end to come.

Waes: “I have long been fascinated by Japan. The country is well-known for its unique culture, and in that tradition I would like to be completely immersed. With the Olympic Games, as well as a huge influx of tourists on the way it could very well be the last opportunity for Japan, in all of its original aspects is to get to know. That is a chance I don’t want to miss!”