Tonight, in a new world Record

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Seoul, korea, in 1988. The American super-wife, Jackie Joyner-Kersee get powdery in her own world record on the internet, and crowns himself the world’s most versatile female athlete of all time.

Maarten, a visit to the Olympic zevenkampster of the country, was the only Belgian to become a member Joyner-Kersee ever to the right in the eyes. He has a restless night, commissioned by slaapprofessor Ton Coenen, and take the tienkamper Thomas, Of the Variation in the first official CHAMPIONSHIP driekamp. We are going to work out with the Nafi Thiam, in order to figure out how to zevenkampster in the hell is training up to seven items at a time.

With the help of zevenkampsters Nafi Thiam and Hanne Maudens, professor Frederick Deconick (university of Ghent), professor, Ton Coenen (Radboud University, Nijmegen, the netherlands), trainer Roger Lespagnard, and Wim Vandeven, tienkamper Thomas, Of the Variation.

Record, tonight at 21.20, on the Canvas.