Telenet switches off the analogue signal through the cable

Telenet switches off the analogue signal through the cable

On Tuesday the 11th of February, Telenet’s analog signal over the cable, down in Flanders, and Brussels, belgium. Load shedding is conducted in phases of up to the 22nd of april. By this old-fashioned technology of stop, there will be space on the network for an ever-growing digital applications, such as video streaming, online gaming, sending the pictures… To see all of the customers to allow sufficient time to provide the information and to provide communication with the operator already in the previous autumn, for the first time in this campaign. All customers will receive, under the name ” The Signal to Switch a letter or e-mail with an explanation of the possible solutions is to set the radio to continue listening to it.

In October of last year, it announced that Telenet, between 2020 and the end of 2021, the analog radio – television signal over the cable to stop it. Telenet is one of the few operators in Europe still have analog cable tv and radio reception. Fifteen years after the introduction of digital television, it looks that more than 90% of the customers are in a digital format. At the same time, increasing traffic each year, with a 30% to 40%. The business, after due consideration, therefore, the decision to use the analog lanes on the cable is more efficient to use and thus free up space to make room for the ever-growing digital movement. Crystal-clear communication and the provision of appropriate solutions for all at the centre. Telenet is aware of that, it is advisable to have a different ring pattern for all of the customers will be easy. The company is committed to dealing with all clients up to help with this transition.

Between February 11 and april 22, 2020, it will be an analogue signal through the cable in Flanders and Brussels, in the phases off. The only sets that are directly from the cable to the wall jack in your home are connected, they will no longer receive a signal. Listen to the Radio in the car and it will still work. And all customers have received a couple of weeks in advance with a letter or an e-mail asking how they will be able to determine whether or not their radio impact. Telenet does not have figures on how many customers are using this technology at home and listen to the radio.

There are a variety of possible solutions. Among other things, to the radio via a set-top box from Telenet, internet radio, or DAB+, the new digital radiostandaard. Customers still have analog radio to listen to a radio antenna. Telenet will provide to all the customers who ask for a free antenna. The communication of solutions and the impact of the disconnection of the radio transmission, it was last year, tested it in the network area’s Beringen and Lochristi. The transition happened smoothly.