Hilde Van Mieghem is with the series on child abuse

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As you know, is a three-part documentary series by Hilde van Mieghem on the different types of child abuse and family violence. In each episode, talking to them, three of the victims about what their child or young person has been overcome, the circumstances in which it happened and the impact it has had on their lives and their personalities. These interviews were supplemented with images taken from their day to day life.

It is a painful and gut-wrenching stories of emotional terrorism, physical and sexual abuse of (the child)the parents in front of their children. The victims also tell you about the defense mechanisms that they have developed, their own doubt, insecurity, and feelings of guilt. How they were torn between feelings of anxiety and fear, and love for their perpetrators, who are also in their father’s or mother’s were. They can tell you how helpless and lonely she often felt, and how it is the official relief and well-intentioned, but not always, ineffective.

Kinderpsychiater, Peter Adriaensens, juvenile court judge Nicole Caluwé, child’s physician, Johan Marchand and traumapsychiaters Bessel van der Kolk, and a Loan Squad of framing the stories in a broader context.

Parents who have their children to abuse: it is still a taboo subject. While it is a daily reality. Emotional, physical, and sexual violence, and for too many children and young people, unfortunately, it’s a hard fact: as many as 1 in every 10 of children in Europe is victim to. Every morning, the face of tens of thousands of Flemish children with a fear of what the day will bring. Hilde Van Mieghem, from experience, it is a taboo to break.

Hilde Van Mieghem: “I know what it means for a child to be mistreated to be. I don’t know the deep loneliness that it brings. It is not seen or heard by another person. Leave alone to be helped. I know, it’s an intrinsic feeling of, ” there’s something wrong with me , what every abused child in the business. I don’t know the impact that it has in adult life, difficulties, relationships, sexuality, and continue on with the abuse, and is itself the perpetrator, or rescuer, as you are yourself, and systematically destructive of continues to deal with the internalized mishandelaar of your youth, to stay true to yourself, apply yourself throughout your life. If you are lucky enough to have a good therapist to go to, or a presence of a loving other, meet face to face. That last part is a failure, because no matter how you want to avoid the pain keeps repeating itself, unconsciously, you choose nevertheless, all too often, for people who have the same system in them, as in the relations within the family in which you grew up. It is a never-ending vicious circle. For the parents, that there were victims of the same destructive forces at work. It is of the utmost importance that children who are in such a situation, a hand in the past and they will be helped.”