Here is Him From the Basement of a fright

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Lien Van de Kelder is scared sometimes of what people were willing to write it. The actress has been socially committed, and then she pulls the big eyes from some of the comments on social media sites. She feels called to respond. “Such as, to respond to the racist talk, that is on the website of the regional broadcaster, and was posted after the recent boat refugees to our shores had capsized,” said the actress in the Story. “Some people, whether many or as few have dared to write it!”

Lien Van de Kelder explains that she is on her own on social media or even hateful responses. “If you’re upset about something, you have to dare to write it, and what the reactions will be. If we take that out of fear of not doing it, is where things really go down, I think. it silent certainly will not help to have a warmer and a more just society,” speaks to Him From the Cellar and use the language in the Story.