Brahim & Giovanni Kemper make a tribe, Pocahontas-complete

d004093daa435f8416e780c3d3feaf93 - Brahim & Giovanni Kemper make a tribe, Pocahontas-complete

On Monday, the 10th of February, asked the producers of James Cooke, and Bob Jennes’s full hoofdcast of Pocahontas: the musical’ to the press and the public, at the theatre Capitole in Ghent. Highlight: artist name-host Brahim Attaeb take in “Pocahontas: the musical,” the role of the father of Pocahontas in and of itself. For the second year in a row, occurs in Giovanni Kemper in the hoofdcast of an output of the Exception. After the success of “Aladdin”, in which he made the key point, was this a successful partnership for both parties, and more… with The other names in the hoofdcast in addition Silke Mastbooms, Juan Gerlo, with Ivan Pecnik, Kobe Van Herwegen, and Junes Callaert. They have the company of an 11-piece ensemble. During the easter of 2020 in the Capitole in Ghent, they will tell you the true story of Pocahontas and her tribe of native americans who are exposed to the English explorer, John Smith, and his ship is full of fortune hunters.

Pocahontas tells the true story of the Indian princess, and the explorer John Smith. If this is the last set foot on the island in the ‘new world’, he was immediately in conflict with the local tribe of native americans. During one of his exploration will teach him to Pocahontas ‘in the know’. He will understand that native americans, not just the ‘natives’, and that the earth is more than just something that you alone can own it. A war between the colonists and the native americans, it is, however, a foregone conclusion, and when John Smith is captured, it will be in love more than ever before, as a weapon in the fight are thrown…