The miljoenenweek of huizenjagers back

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This week is going to be the Huizenjagers as is customary each year in search of exclusive properties at the Miljoenenweek. In the Miljoenenweek this season, which will run through the estate agents all over Belgium to find the ideal property. A cohousing project to the religious houses.

Be the first to Huizenjager of the week on Jan. He has been 15 years in the profession, and has specialized over the years in the sale of luxevastgoed. The sale of the luxepanden, it is a challenge, but he is a winner.

Kevin has more than 10 years, the director of “M real Estate” in Heule, but in the past few months, the deluxe ‘GOLD’ was born. That is the gold of love for the miljoenenpanden developed by Kevins favorite guilty pleasure program, FIVE: Million Dollar Listing.

Anne was raised in the sale of exclusive residential areas nearby. This stunning lady always had a penchant for large homes. In the meantime, Anne is an experienced real estate agent. They are also sold at the average of homes, but the luxevastgoed has a special place in her heart.

Monday: Thang, Kamilla, and Dennis will go to a home where she is with three of the six families, cohousen. Each couple has a private bedroom, a private kitchen and bathroom is required. In addition, they find a large room where they have all the time you can spend.