Sean Dhondt: “this is my biggest fear’

Sean Dhondt: "this is my biggest fear'

This past Friday was the season 5 of ‘The Voice Kids’ on tv, and it was there boenk op. Several talented young people were able to see the four coaches of the program to be printed. One of them is Sean Dhondt, to an all-round talent as we can, but some of them were. A singer, a presenter, a performer, and later as an actor.
In the newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen talks to Sean about his experience as a coach. He is the ouderdomsdeken of the program: the Plan is for the fifth year in a row, the team’s coach. One problem: for the last four years, he did not know the winner for his team to get in. That this year is different, and, therefore, have to Plan everything out all the stops to get the young riders to be able to convince him to choose from.