Rachel Hazes, about a friend: “It’s fun to do”

4b291e1be396d7193abf802c1228a669 - Rachel Hazes, about a friend: "It's fun to do"

Rachel Hazes, about a friend: “It’s fun to do”

09-February-2020 17:50
09-02-20 17:50
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Rachel is in the Cockpit it was a Sunday to be present at the premiere night of SHE the Musical’. To the News is telling them is that they are very excited to have her new friend.

Previously published in a variety of media, that the two of them almost together would be to live in. At the journalist of the News shaken in the Cockpit, however, this. “No, no, not yet. Sometimes he’s with me, and we just have a lot of fun.”

The mother of the singer Andre Hazes, and his daughter Roxeanne Hazes answer to the question ” what is the funniest thing to her new boyfriend: “it’s All fun. I can’t have one thing to say, all of it is fun. He is very sweet, and that’s the main thing.” The two have no plans for the future, as it says in the Cockpit. “Yeah, I don’t know, honey. We have to do now.”