Nathalie Meskens, ‘that’s ridiculous’

e2ab1ef1fd84bc79715491602e5b56d7 - Nathalie Meskens, 'that's ridiculous'

This past Thursday, in case of Nathalie Meskens, along with Natalia, still an award award during the MIA’s. The four women were a short while ago, as it were, both pregnant, both of them, even a little one. It was all by chance, of course. “And your girlfriend is pregnant, and that is something that you can’t plan,” says Nathalie Meskens on this weekend in The local Newspaper. “She is already in her pregnancy, and that is to have fun. Can I even ask a question like, say, have had you for about five minutes to go pee”, he laughs, Nathalie Meskens in the weekend edition of The Newspaper.

Nathalie Meskens had a pleasant pregnancy. “It’s also valuable to have a controlefreak if I have to. With this kind of thing, if this is all you can do is lotlaten do it and see what happens,” says She enthusiastically. “Now we still hope that the zwangerschapsdementie disappear quickly. Because of that, it is ridiculous. I can take my bath, let it fill up with water in the oven to stop, and then rats forget about. I am always multi-functional, and am with a hundred things at the same time, can be, is it?”, smiling, Nathalie Meskens.