Eva van der Gucht, fail to challenge

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Eva van der Gucht, was accompanied by her own co-actor, Anne-Marie Jung, and She’s Brown as the Mountain to climb. The actress took this route in order to raise money for the charity Warchild. But Eve came out of an empty trip back to the…

The long walk was ended, for, Eva van der Gucht, is in for a serious disappointment. Eve made it to the top just because they have a lot to suffer from the altitude. Just 300 metres from the top, and sent one of the guides to Eve, to go down, smacks them in The newspaper. It was too dangerous for the actress, who is suffering from balance disorders due to the high level. Mount Kilimanjaro is almost 6000 meters high.

Eva van der Gucht, who is in the Teen audience to know as a medical Doctor, Bea is proud of what they accomplished and, of course, is also very happy with all of the money that was collected for the Netherlands. The final amount was, after all, nearly 11,000 euros.