Brihang is booked for a kids show

2890d3b3f21786df2405d23aa1209fcf - Brihang is booked for a kids show

If you thought that the kids of today will only go to F3 and a #LikeMe listen to is wrong. Also, artists like Brihang have been very popular with the younger generations. We are now also addressed by the West-Flemish concertorganisatoren of The wild, Wild West.

In The Newspaper we read, the kids ‘ shows of the Brihang, and It is the Sixth Metal in the City hall, and The Friend is already as good as sold out. The performances will start at a family friendly hour in the afternoon, and adults are only admitted if they are with their kids to guide you. Also, the number of the decibels is at the bottom review.

Musically, it keeps the artists, however, is their thing.