Astrid Coppens: ‘I hate’

Astrid Coppens: 'I hate'

Former Hollywoodvrouw Astrid Coppens was a Sunday morning guest in ‘The Roundabout’ is on Radio 2. Astrid Coppens has some of the coast. As a Antwerp, she often goes to the posh town of Knokke in order to enjoy the peace and quiet and the sea air.

At a very young age, was Astrid in the usa. Spent a year in New York, then in Los Angeles, california. We had to use Astrid as a model and soon she knew that her life was like. “I have had a love affair with L. A., I felt immediately at home. I also found it a bit scary. I was earning very good with my sandwich, and the budgets were a lot bigger, but it’s the life in there was very helpful and friendly. I’m quite happy with what I’ve earned,” admits Astrid admitted.

Afterwards, he was with the Belgian embassy, the question of whether Astrid will want to do it in reality. “I’ve always been hugely against the reality, mainly because reality in the united states a bad name. I just wish that there really isn’t involved, but my ex-husband made me believe in you. Since I don’t have to be in Belgium as a resident, I still have a lot of fun to do. I was there, but as a character, and it was not many days. I wouldn’t have it, I was living in Los Angeles, as well as the program will not be on tv,” says Astrid, and on the table at the Christel Van Dyck. “I had no idea that it would explode. For the first time that I have to go to Belgium for the programme, and everyone knew me. He was such a fool. By the same token, this was a show of the whole season has been. I had no idea that I was so popular, it would come back.”

Afterwards, Astrid, and a docusoap, and she became even more popular. What we have of it in view, it is a huge exaggeration of who is, Astrid Coppens, really, it is. “I was very, very, very easy. If the camera is on me, I can be a completely different person. I used to play, actually play a role in the show. I’ve never really admitted to it, but now I can do that. People thought I really was. But, to my future husband a Girl would have never been on Astrid, and He fell, no way. I was happy to see that the show has never been seen. He had been living in the United States of america when it was aired. Of course, they do have the notices in the newspapers, but he would never do that, Astrid, and the cases have been”.