Again, extensions for Daens

e18acd06cc5a69f4f694198dbe84d684 - Again, extensions for Daens

The Studio 100 has, for the first time, a fragment in the 2.0 version of the musical ” Daens. The foreign policy was able to meet up with the openingsscéne of this new and exciting show. Right away, sucking actors: Peter Van de Velde as Daens, and theatermonument Jo Demeyere as bishop Stillemans the audience into the story. The cast and the creative team will have two weeks to prepare for the show to continue to be fine-tuned. The countdown to February 21, 2020, for the big premiere!
The innovative technical concept of moving the stands and the sound will be played through individual headphones will make sure that everyone has a unique way of getting caught up in this deeply humanizing story.

Great choice Of Blend, the CEO of Studio 100 Benelux: “It was a very exciting moment today, because for the first time, we were a part of the new 2.0 version of its foreign policy. We have worked very hard to make the huge technical, artistic and game, but I’m incredibly proud of where we are at in the creative process. The response was quite encouraging. I’m looking forward to the big premiere is on the 21st of February.”