PSV’s half way up the lead against Willem II

7f2c6732faf8cb73dac88b31c4783252 - PSV's half way up the lead against Willem II

PSV’s half way up the lead against Willem II

08 February, 2020 18:07
08-02-20 at 18:07
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Unlike Sunday, Saturday night or we play football in the Premier league. Just follow the four men at the front, at the foot of our liveblog.

The LIVEFC Groningen-Vitesse (1-0)
LIVE sc Heerenveen-VVV-Venlo (0-0)
LIVE PSV eindhoven-Willem II (1-0)
20: 45: RKC Waalwijk-PEC Zwolle,PSV eindhoven-Willem II · a 7-minute geleden45+1-Again, it is Dumfries, which is for the Willem II goal up. Now Wellenreuther, however, is a response to the division of the play. It’s right after a rest.PSV eindhoven-Willem II · 8 minutes geleden45, ” There is going to be a problem in the netherlands.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 9 hours ago

FC Groningen-correct Speed due to the rake tonight Lundqvist
FC Groningen wins with low Speed. The people in Groningen who Daishawn Redan in the second half, and made his debut as a substitute, win with 1-0. That goal was a shot from the strafschopstip. Amazing Lundqvist slid in the first half, dominated the inside.PSV eindhoven-Willem II · 10 minutes to geleden43′ Kopkansje of William II. It is Gakpo, who have their own purpose, under the fire, but Unnerstall was a moment of struggle.FC Groningen-Vitesse · a 12-minute geleden90+3″, a Short-coming in with a final assault, there is no real danger, has been completed.PSV eindhoven-Willem II · a 12-minute geleden41 ” The public wants a free kick for PSV eindhoven, as a Ihattaren after a little push into the ground. The referee, nor to the roman acts.PSV eindhoven-Willem II·, 17-minute geleden36′ Best for Lammers, but in the rush hours, it may not really cross on the right-hand side. The ball is going to be a thick air in.FC Groningen-Vitesse·, 18 minutes geleden86′, Joshua Brenet, making his debut for Vitesse. He’s just fallen for the show.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 19 hours geleden86 Yellow for Vitessenaar Dicko, the ball is too far away for him to play and want to be compensated for. Te Wierik, has, therefore, pain.PSV eindhoven-Willem II · is a 22-minute geleden32′ GOAL in PSV’s! 1-0

Who else other than Denzel Dumfries to put PSV in the lead. In the play, takes a pass from Daniel Schwaab is well along, it won’t be a man and get the shot into the far corner.24 minutes ago

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Co-sponsored by: TOTO | 18+, to play aware ofthe FC Groningen-Vitesse · 24-geleden81 Of Kaam shoot almost 2-0 within. Pasveer has to be a response to the beautiful sound of his.PSV eindhoven-Willem II · 27 minutes and geleden26′ Viergever and blasts it over. The defender gets to the ball just a bit behind him, so his head isn’t going to face Heerenveen-VVV · 29 minutes geleden21: “The first yellow card of the match, Van Ooijen, who, Odgaard a, touch displays.PSV eindhoven-Willem II · 30 minutes ago

24: “It’s certainly not obvious on the pitch, but the team is back after a quarter of a duel, the better.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 34 minutes geleden71′ Short-changes the second time around. Matavz is going to get to the other side Buitink.PSV eindhoven-Willem II · 37 minutes geleden17 Now there is a BACKLINE there, closer! Thomas and blasts it just over. The gelegenheidsspits saw this just before a shot, check it.PSV eindhoven-Willem II · a 40-minute geleden14 Now it’s in the Lammers, who are next up. PSV in addition to a goal, but it is really big, the odds are it isn’t.PSV eindhoven-Willem II · is a 43-minute geleden10′ Ihattaren try it from a distance. The shot is of a little machine next to Heerenveen-VVV · 44 minutes geleden6′ first season seems to be injured, but for the moment it is in the English attacker will continue.PSV eindhoven-Willem II · one-hour geleden5, ” The first danger is from the Locals, who have two corner kicks in a row to get. It will eventually lead to a vangbal to beat the keeper Wellenreuther.PSV eindhoven-Willem II-one hour ago

4′ PSV coach Ernest Faber has a tactical trick thought up for the game Willem II. The Locals will play with four midfielders, and two strikers. That duo, in front of which is formed by a Sam, Lammers, and Ryan Heerenveen-VVV-four hours geleden1 And at the Abe Lenstra Stadium has been kicked off.PSV eindhoven-Willem II · one-hour geleden1 ” We’ve been on the road in Eindhoven, where PSV eindhoven against Willem II is way out of the crisis and challenging to play.FC Groningen-Vitesse·, one-hour geleden50′ Matavz has to get the ball to head it in, but you’ll miss that entirely. This was too much Speed on a 1-to-1 to come out.FC Groningen-Vitesse·, one-hour geleden48′ Postema’s going to come back, which may not continue. Hertha BSC-gun-for-hire Redan is in the back. He made his debut.FC Groningen-Vitesse·, one-hour geleden46, ” We’re back on the road in Groningen, the netherlands, where Postema, just go on any further. In Short, it is an amendment: the Cave is replacing Vroegh.RKC Waalwijk-PEC Zwolle · the one-hour geledenOok of the last setups of the day are well-known. At 20: 45 will play manchester city and PEC Zwolle at the other.

Opstelling manchester united: Vaessen; Gaari, Mulder, Delcroix, Quasten; Leemans, Van der Venne, Reijnders, Hansson; Bilate, Maatsen
Preparation of PEC Zwolle: Zetterer; Hammer, Poland-Kersten, a sheep, Post; Strieder, Clement, Nakayama; Thy, From the sand Dunes

Preparation of PEC Zwolle: #rkcpec #peczwolle


AuteurPEC ZwolleMoment of plaatsen19:25 – February 8, 2020FC Groningen-Vitesse·, one-hour geledenDertien is not an unlucky number for FC Groningen in the netherlands.

13, In each of their last three Premier league games-against Vitesse, FC Groningen have scored in the 13th minute of the match. Lucky.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen19:25 – February 8, 2020FC Groningen-Vitesse·, one-hour geledenRust! Groningen is a 1-0-lead the rest in. Postema staggered to the side. It’s just a matter of waiting, or rush in, after peace returned to the field.FC Groningen-Vitesse·, one-hour geleden45+3 ” for some rest, Postema, on the dead ball line to ground. The young striker groans in pain.FC Groningen-Vitesse·, one-hour geleden45 ” There will be two minutes of added extra. The game is silent for a moment, as Wierik in the face, has been hit by hour ago

To make the contest even more exciting with TOTO! Do the best you can with it.

Co-sponsored by: TOTO | 18+, to play aware ofthe FC Groningen-Vitesse·, one-hour geleden40′ Lundqvist doubled to almost to the edge. Pasveer saves the day, however, clever to the free-kick from the Swede.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 2-hour geleden34 ” Ai! A nasty collision between Both, and Lelieveld. Speed will be a free kick, but Both the most of the experience. The full will be on the sidelines, while the free-kick does not work for Sprint.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 2 hours ago

28 After the proper stages of the football club FC Groningen, is the game now in the balance. The Groningen results are still due to the firm penalty on Lundqvist.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 2-hour geleden20, ” It is the purpose of the Pasveer, in which the ball is in less than a second, some times it changes ownership. Groningen is, ultimately, not lead to have a shot.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 2-hour geleden16 ” There was Postema for 2-0 to worry!!! The striker gets the ball in the feet are pushed out by Clark’s, but it only fires for a Pasveer about it.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 2-hour geleden13′ GOAL for FC GRONINGEN! 1-0

Lundqvist comes in, the ball of ice in the lower left hand corner. Pasveer into the other corner, but she had anyway, had a hard time to make it a pure dedication of time.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 2-hour geleden12′ a Penalty for FC Groningen.

The ball is on the spot following an infringement of the Tannane in Hrustic.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 2 hours ago

Also, the lineups for the match between sc Heerenveen and VVV-Venlo (kick-off 19: 45), it is well-known. In Heerenveen, the netherlands notched Filip Bednarek, as the first choice in Addition, Hahn has been injured. The TOURIST office is in the trainer, Hans the King is sick, and so is Jay Driessen on the couch.

Formation of the sc Heerenveen): Bednarek; Van Rhijn, Dresevic, Botman, Floranus; Now, Faik, Kongolo; Ejuke, Odgaard, and Of the Mountains
Preparation of VVV-Venlo, the netherlands: Cherry; Pachonik, Röseler, Kum, Janssen; Bruns, Post, and Van Ooijen; Ok, Darfalou, I can.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 2-hour geleden8 ” Because it is Short, for the first time. Matavz gets in the zijnet a devious attempt to.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 2-hour geleden5′, and The game is still for a moment for an injury treatment of a Matusiwa. The midfield is all of a sudden in the ground.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 2-hour geleden3, ” The first and best of the night for Hrustic, but the midfielder sees his shot hacked to be.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 2-hour geleden1, ” The ball is in Groningen.PSV eindhoven-Willem II · 2 hours ago

Rodriguez was making his debut for PSV eindhoven against Willem II
Ricardo Rodriguez makes tonight, the debut of the PSV. The full is being given to the thuisduel by William II, that the preferred in addition to Olivier Boscagli. This fell in the previous week, it lost a duel with Ajax (1-0) all-in. Coach Ernest Faber is to choose on for Ryan Thomas as a replacement for Bruma.

Preparation of PSV: Unnerstall; Dumfries, Schwaab, Viergever, Rodriguez; Rosario, Hendrix, Thomas; Ihattaren, Lammers, Gakpo
Drawing of William II: Wellenreuther; Nieuwkoop, Holmén, a and Peters, scope of our projects; Llonch, Saddiki, Ndayishimiye; Nunnely, Pavlidis, Köhlert.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 2 hours ago

The last double victory for Groningen at the Short-long, long time ago
If FC Groningen is on tonight on Speed to win, it is for the first time since the season 2003/2004 the club, the two men at the front of the people from arnhem to win. Earlier this season, the northerners are in the bus station with a 1-2. Joel Asoro scored twice for FC Groningen, after which He Right what did.2 hours ago

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Co-sponsored by: TOTO | 18+, to play a consciousPSV eindhoven-Willem II · a 2-hour geledenDe the atmosphere is very good, in Eindhoven, the netherlands. At 19: 45 will play PSV eindhoven at home to Willem II. The Locals are hoping, against the surprisingly strong and the people of tilburg to emerge from the crisis.

A more than warm welcome back today for #PSV.


AuteurRik ElfrinkMoment of plaatsen18:09 pm – February 8, 2020Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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