Hyballa is ‘technically poor’ and ‘pig-headed’ STOKE ahead of time, correct

6857926defc7e07e18e1e271db81d120 - Hyballa is 'technically poor' and 'pig-headed' STOKE ahead of time, correct

Hyballa is ‘technically poor’ and ‘pig-headed’ STOKE ahead of time, correct

08 February, 2020 09:08 pm
08-02-20 09:08 pm
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Peter Hyballa made it to Friday with a 1-to-1-to tie back in with the Dutch. The German coach of the NAC was shocked at the level of his new team in the south derby against TOP Oss, the netherlands.

STOKE came into their own house in the middle of the first half in the lead by a captain, Arno Verschueren, however, thanks to a goal by Rick Stuy van den Herik, after more than an hour left for the visitors to Breda will still be an issue.

“Why don’t we have gained? Because we’re not playing,” was Hyballa, who, at the beginning of this week, on new year’s eve dismissed the Faculty of the Bread followed, clearly at FOX Sports.