House and Trisha on sale

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A few years ago, and moved Trisha into the netherlands, in the Ols and bought it for an apartment where she was happy. However, there were new opportunities, and fingering Trisha and her husband, with both of his hands. That is, the couple opened a business in the far Izegem, of course, had a huge impact on your personal life. Their apartment in the Ols, it was using AirBnB to rent, but in the end, Trisha and Kurt decided to give up their apartment and sell it. It is a ready to move in apartment with large terrace in Saint-Joseph-Ols, which is not far from the Bobbejaanland theme park for that matter. The couple makes it to their account on AirBnB, even in this building, so it is perfectly right to raise money. For more info, see: .