Arno Hintjens has pancreatic cancer

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This past week was Arno Hintjens, the Lifetime Achievement Award at the MIA’s. Or is he genuinely happy? That is, it is in the Arno river, is always one big question mark. He is an artist, a little things to to wake. The diagnosis is that he has pancreatic cancer, he will, without a doubt, however, wake is located to. The singer says in the newspaper de Gazet Van Antwerpen in november, the diagnosis was made. “It was a serious setting. That’s one of the hardest cancers to be, isn’t it. No joke. it Was a bit of a lump, so I guess she was one of the early adopters were. Unfortunately it is in a location where they have operations. There is a right and a chemotherapy was started and recently I got the news that it has been successful. In the beginning it was not clear whether or not I have had surgery and would be able to. That is, it now appears to be the case. That’s good news, as we read in the newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen.

Since that time, the diagnosis was made, the singer had several sessions of chemotherapy. In spite of everything, continued to be the lead singer, just action, though it voice that is a terrible disease his mind. Next Tuesday is his last performance, less than 36 hours later, and he’s going to go under the knife, and he should be about a week and a half a long time to recover. “The people who are in the know, don’t understand that I’m in my chemo concerts have continued to play. However, I should not occur. If you do, I will go crazy. I am after a concert and have much more energy than on any other day. Even just knowing that there will be a concert comes to it, I feel better already. Today, it is apparent that the chemotherapy is effective, and that the tumors are not larger now. I can see the positive and take care of it, I have to over come,” we read in the newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen.