Surprisingly, the news about Baba Yega

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The clip is in the Attention to United, the new song from Baba Yega, was filmed at the iconic Rotterdam-based venues, such as the Erasmus bridge and The Kunsthal in rotterdam, cube houses, and to Admire. Music composer & producer Yannic Fonderie, which has in the past worked with famous names like Geike, Natalia, Tom, Helsen, Brahim, Hadise, Sandrine, and Zap Mama. The video is full of original and Baba Yega moves in response to a lot of future TikTok challenges! He will be available as from tomorrow on Baba Yega’s YouTube channel!

TikTok struggles under the banner of Baba Yega
Meanwhile, Baba Yega is very popular with the fans, who flock to TikTok to sit. On 20 december 2019 at the latest, it was the first video posted, in the meantime, Baba Yega is already over 35.000 followers, amongst other things, Vietnam, and Cambodia! One of the first videos that got over 500,000 views. Baba Yega is feeling like a fish in the water, on a medium that embodies the true Baba Yega is all about: music and tight dance moves! Baba Yega has it all, more than 2 million views on TikTok.