Interesting conversations in the night Watch, by Jan Leyers

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Three of the guests. A very challenging position on an important issue. And Jan Leyers. With the ingredients and try to Watch clarity and exits to be found in the midst of the flood of issues and opinions that we have today about the us going to get it. In the second episode of the new season is going to be the about a reduction in working hours.

A 30-hour week without loss of pay, and affordable, ” says political scientist Olivier Pintelon. He has been there for the original arguments. He stated that it is not right that we have as much of his work over the past few decades. If you are on a family level of view, we have a lot more work, because now almost all women work. One of the most important arguments for a 30-hour week is that there is a better balance between domestic work and full-time employment, which women are not en masse “forced” to be a part-time basis. In fact, this is due to productivity growth, the best affordable, he says.
Pintelon is going to be in a debate with Sarah Teughels of the VOKA. For her it is less work to be too costly. All of the companies have been working to maximum efficiency. And it used to be funded, a shorter work week, due to economic growth, but that has ground to a halt.