Debbie Camp Waas just wish any longer to refrain

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Debbie, He was due to Camp in the Waas, as the first woman ever to take the extreme challenges of the Special Forces to a positive conclusion. “I dedicate this to all the women,” says the 37-year-old Debbie in this.

When the torture got to be Debbie, almost suffering from hypothermia, but mentally, she was lucid. “I was thinking about my husband and the promise I had made, that I will, under any circumstances, would be to give up. That’s a promise I could not break it?” says Debbie, in the magazine.

However, there was also mold in the bathroom. Camp, Waas, lasted for only eight days instead of fourteen, as one of the candidates had been led to believe. And it was Debbie, but too bad. “And I was all ready for a week of shooting,” witness Debbie at All. “More, ” it’s beautiful, and now I believe that there are still more that I can do it.”