The masks will fall away in the Expedition, Robinson,

1ab735feba667cfc40df063a8590d153 - The masks will fall away in the Expedition, Robinson,

The decision in the first elimination, it was clear. The members of the Camp to the North having their own choosing and to return to their land. However, where they are thought to Aicha, to have sent to grasp, it’s a different story. As a new member of the Expedition, and Robinson would all be able to shake it.

Now, We’re a few days away, but did not find anyone here to do? Some of them turn out to be the fire, still don’t know how to. Others are to undermine their own group, or look as if they are not trying to take any. Expedition Robinson is a holiday, everyone needs to be aware of them.
The second immuniteitsproef was not expected. The Belgians are going to be after two wins, with much enthusiasm for the challenge, but it is pride, or a right state of mind? You might Camp in the North, his second of the net. Is it not a bit too easily during the Expedition to Robinson this year? Injuries are always just around the corner.

After the second test following the new kampvuurmoment. The choice of the phase-in takes place in a gloomy atmosphere. Who do you believe? “Everyone is in for a gossip, and listen to us.

Expedition Robinson – welcome to 20u35 FOUR