The battle for the mini-maxitalenten breaks loose-in-The-Voice-Kids

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On Friday, February 7, the smallest of the singers, their biggest talent show in the new season of ‘The Voice Kids’. The competition is between a Laura Tesoro, Gers Pardoel, Q3, and Sean Dhondt stir up more than ever before, because the kids can be to each other this year, for the first time, to eliminate other seat and to block. An exciting new development for the almost 900.000 viewers of the previous season, the event was good for a 35.5 per cent share of the market (VVA 18-54, with a live+delayed). The block button in the first Blind Auditions go for quite a bit of interest.

“This year, more than 2,000 children have signed up for The Voice Kids,” says An Lemmens, who, with the necessary pep talk ready for the for the candidates and their supporters. “There is still so much talent in our country that could be on the big stage and wants to prove to the coaching staff.” That is, coaches get everything out of the closet to get the biggest names to vote for their team to catch up. For Investors, it is as plain as a pikestaff: in the sequel of the winner of the Jade is once again in the team. “I’m going to do this year is just to win, and so on, for the rest of us can pack up and go.”

During the first Blind Auditions show for 11 kids to be the best of themselves in order to have a place in the Knock-Outs are to be redeemed. For the auditions, providing immediate and some of the ” vierdraaiers and a standing ovation from the coaches. Coach Laura allows herself to be surprised by the “best version ever” of the title. Also, Buurtpolitie’s agent, Andy Peelman steals the show when he’s running I can buy a ticket to the Blind Auditions. Though they do have to be the first in the cuffs slapped…