Staf Coppens was the first “to Make Belgium Great Again’

b8895685e69d13eba2a00d171066e574 - Staf Coppens was the first "to Make Belgium Great Again'

Of a powerful unveiling of the voice. In The Interest of the province of Limburg on Thursday, we read that the VTM presenter Staf Coppens, more than two years ago, in the garden of one of the pair has a heraangelegd. No, Staff members are not garden grown. The garden is of a typical pair had a wild boar on a visit, and they had the whole garden was destroyed. A family member had seen it on the ‘Make Belgium the Great Driving and the VTM came out to the garden to recover. Not the Frances Lefebure but the Staf Coppens was as a result. These images come to the screen, never been taken down, according to the VTM, it was a test shot with the Staff in Av. Because of the hectic schedule and the intense days and it was finally at the beginning of Lefebure you are prompted for the presentation of the ‘Make Belgium’s Great Again’.