Sean Paul-come on to AB

9f45cd3e943bbebdd365e218ac671574 - Sean Paul-come on to AB

As an absolute key player in the reggae scene and announced to Sean Paul for an exclusive date in the intimate setting of the venue. To mark the 6th april in the calendar! There can be no doubt that the Jamaican singer in the temperature by a few degrees to increase, such as during an impressive appearance at festival this past summer. Tickets for the concert are available beginning Friday, February 7, at 10 am.

Armed with an arsenal of weapons, and irresistible, hits, stabs, Sean Paul is everywhere, he is ready to light the fuse with the Jamaican vibe, where the entire world is for him to kill. Under the guidance of its energetic musicians and dancers to leave, Sean Paul, hits, and gets everyone else caught up in the game. “Get Busy”, “Temperature”, “No Lie” feat. Dua Lipa, not to mention his countless collaborations with artists such as Clean Bandit, Major Lazer, Beyoncé, and Sia (with the mega-hit, “Cheap Thrills”). The list of classics, seems to be endless and people all over the planet to dance. Get out your best dance moves, because Sean Paul-bring the sun in your home…and it promises to be hot, too.