Producer at Home, turn off airport

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Currently the speculation of the viewers at Home quite a bit about the story of Jacques, played by Peter Van De Velde. Rosa is in love with Jacques, but the latter is not a rapist? It runs with Rosa in her accident?

In the Family bears witness to the producer Hans-Rays, that is, it is really nice that you are so sympathetic with the Rosa is that the butterflies can feel it for Jacques. The rays don’t want too much given away about the story, but would like to have two misconceptions out of the world, “well, Jacques, it’s not about something wrong with the year. Stan had seen him, indeed, has been accused of misconduct, but was forced to admit that it was all a lie. and jacob did too, Judith, no harm will be done.” But it also means that Rosa and jacob have a bright future ahead of us…? That is, it is still just guess work…