It will start a new season of Blind-Married

5bac24019da5042d987c918ee998abc6 - It will start a new season of Blind-Married

At the unveiling of the new videostrategie of a BATCH of Media, the question was once asked whether the rumor was Blindly Married this year, on the Sunday, it would be sent out. It was one of the bosses, avoidance response, in the meantime it appears the rumors to be true. After four seasons on Monday night, moving Blindly Married to-Sunday, and is the opposite of ” Two To The Sixth Power.” According to The Latest News, the two programs Sunday night, February 16 as the start date, Jeroen Meus are allowed to up to 20 hours on a Single launch, for the couples who are getting married are starting at 19.55 hrs to be seen. And for this there are at least two of the high programs of the face. And it would be “The Mole” is still to come, and that the program will begin soon. Today, FOUR of the programming schedule for the weekend, solve problems, and more. The chances are that the program at a later time or even on a different day.