Koen Wauters: “no love, you’re in the shit’

Koen Wauters: "no love, you're in the shit'

In just a few weeks after Koen Wauters and Dr. De Booser and their separation is announced, was Koen Wauters Clouseau is already on the stage. A week after the couple’s break announced, cancelled, Koen Wauters and his presence at the Gala of the Golden K’s, but in the evening only and has already had several performances to look back on. This past weekend, there was a happy occurred on Tuesday, were Koen and Kris Wauters and the rest of the evening only Visiting on a stage in front of hundreds of listeners is empty.
The album, “Fork in the road” of the evening only, an album about the pitfalls of the love went, you already knew that. Ever since the divorce, we know for a fact that ‘Fork in the road’ is the most personal album ever, it is now. “The whole album is about love”, according to Koen, to the very attentive audience in Brussels. And the lead singer will do that to a person who, without love, life goes on, the shit’s about. How personal do you want?