Kat Kerkhofs, again, under fire

6348f108e5a89501ea99fdfe7393910a - Kat Kerkhofs, again, under fire

Kat Kerkhofs this summer’s mix as a DJ at the Festival. DJ-CAT (formerly a DJ kit kat) on Sunday, the 19th of July and programmed to be between big names such as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and the external valves, as Armin van Buuren, and David Guetta. And that is what a lot of people’s eyebrows frown.

Just as before its passage at the Rock Werchter festival, is the wife of the Red Devil and He Will once again be under attack. “Know what Kat Kerkhofs, now dance” and “She’s taken the place of the young talent.” The fact that people have big money to pay for it Either to be a such as Cat, Kerkhofs,” to look at the work encountered many people at his side.