Marie Verhulst is going to be healthy cooking at Studio 100 TV

1b1936293aff87500a9f17a5e758a3d3 - Marie Verhulst is going to be healthy cooking at Studio 100 TV

About to start on the Studio 100 TV’s brand new cooking show around, well-balanced diet for the children. “The Pottenlikkers” is the first collaboration between the Studio 100 and the Colruyt Lowest Prices. In cooking, we meet six young culinary talents with those of their peers of the same age to be pushed into the kitchen. Each week, they are going to work with a well-balanced and kid-friendly dish made with vegetables and fruits in the lead role. The young chefs will be assisted by hulpchef Marie Verhulst. On Wednesday, the 26th of February, The Pottenlikkers each and every week, to watch Studio 100 TV, free Studio 100 GO-to-app, and in the colruyt pottenlikkers.

The two Belgian companies Colruyt group and Studio 100 announced this past October for a team to work together on a balanced diet to the children. This is a new durable Belgian partnership, with co-operation of the cooking program, ” The Pottenlikkers’, has as its goal to have the children in a fun and easy way to experiment and learn a few new things in the kitchen. In this way, there will be a new generation of Pottenlikkers’ will be prepared, and that they are ambassadors of fruits and vegetables, both for their peers and their parents.

This is supported by a recent study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior (by 2020), which states that children who watch a program in which healthy food is on offer, are more likely to choose the healthy alternatives.